Friday, October 4, 2013

recap: September

September is gone.. and Autumn is in full swing.
Time FLIES, especially when school takes over EVERYTHING.
As I look at these photos I see so many different shoes which makes me so happy - when I was in NYC this summer my shoe supply was so small and it is so nice to have so many options now.. especially because in a couple more months I will be wearing only boots which reduces my shoes supply again for a while.

One of the many reasons why Fall is the BEST!

Happy weekend! My weekend plans consist of work, work, and work! Always. Every weekend. And my weekdays consist of work, school, work, school. So basically I never do anything fun anymore.. good thing my summer was packed with exciting weekends. I hope you all are doing something fun this weekend!

Thanks for following along! It is nice to have a place to go and not think about school for a moment.

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