Tuesday, November 19, 2013

aBree Original

Rather than post about a wedding gown today I decided to share with you each look from the photoshoot I put together last month. Full details and full posts to come soon on aBreeOriginal.com!

 (earrings: Nordstrom / shoes: J.Crew)

 (shoes: J.Crew)

 (earrings: Anthropologie / necklace: NYC)

 (necklace: J.Crew / shoes: J.Crew)

 (earrings: Nordstrom)

 (shirt: Banana Republic / shoes: J.Crew)

 (earrings: Banana Republic / shirt: J.Crew / shoes: J.Crew)

 (earrings: J.Crew / shirt: Banana Republic)

 (earrings: J.Crew)

 (shoes: J.Crew)

 (earrings: Anthropologie / bracelets: J.Crew)

 (earrings: Nordstrom / bracelet: J.Crew / shoes: Seychelles)

(earrings: J.Crew)

If you are interested in any of the pieces above please contact me through email: aBreeOriginal@gmail.com!
I'd love to make you a custom piece!

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