Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what we wore: J.Crew Photoshoot

I featured this photo shoot in January when I started this blog and thought I'd re-share. My little sister is literally one of my very best friends (despite our 6.5 year age gap). We never fight. Never have. We share everything. And I miss her. So here's to sisters (and J.Crew) for being awesome!

All items are J.Crew or J.Crew Factory unless noted.
(Bree: Michael Kors gold watch, Bain: Nordstrom diamond stud earrings)

My sister and I basically put all of our summer-ish J.Crew clothes in a pile and then mixed and matched to find corresponding outfits! My friend Kiara (who also took my engagement pictures) took the pictures! We are a little obsessed - and that is okay!

(Bree: Seychelles shoes)

(Bain: Urban Outfitter Glasses)

(Bain: Steve Madden Shoes; Bree: Timex Watch)

 (We've both always had long natural (never died) hair - that is stick straight aka doesn't hold curl well. We take after our mother who's hair was exactly the same growing up.)

(Bree: Seychelles Shoes; Bain: Ily Couture Necklace)

(Bree: Michael Kors Shoes; Bain: Michael Kors Shoes)

 (crewcuts pose)

(Bree: Timex Watch; Bain: Steve Madden Shoes)


(Bree: Gap Sunglasses)

(Bree: Timex Watch; Bain: Steve Madden Shoes)

(Our Pretty Little Liars inspired poses)

 (Bain: Urban Outfitters Hat)

 (Bree: Yankee's Hat from Yankee Store in NYC)

..some bloopers.
(We may have to do another shoot featuring our Fall/Winter clothes!)

and some dance outfits by Jo&Jax

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