Thursday, January 24, 2013

Guest Thursday: Bain - heart sweater 2 looks

One Sweater: 2 Looks
My sister and I love a lot of the same pieces but we always put things together so differently. It's always fun to see what the other comes up with. We share lots of our clothes. For instance; the heart sweater is Bain's, the level 99 purple pants are mine, and the necklace I'm wearing is Bain's. It works out nicely.

Paired With Cool Tones 

On Bain:
shirt, sweater, socks: J.Crew Factory 
jeans: Level 99 via Anthropologie
boots: Target

Paired With Warm Tones 

cashmere sweater, heart sweater, necklace, earrings: J.Crew Factory
jeans: Level 99 via Anthropologie
boots: Sperry Topsider via J.Crew
bracelets: Bella Ella, gifted 
watch: MK

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