Wednesday, January 30, 2013

snow storm

button-up (similar)/hoodie/coat/necklace: J.Crew Factory (all old or unavailable)
sequin sweatshirt: Target (old)
jeans: Level 99 via Anthropologie (best jeans EVER)
boots: Sperry Topsider via J.Crew (last season - similar)
hat: unsure (borrowed from my sister who borrowed from my brother)
watch: MK

It snowed practically all day straight yesterday. 
This called for:
3 layers on top
some sparkle
my trusty sperry winter boots
bright mint and yellow
cozy hat
big smiles 
(I kind of love the snow)
((minus the being really cold part and having limited outfit options because of lack of shoes that I see fit to wear in the snow))
so I guess love the look/idea of snow.

This morning I woke up to more and more snow - big pretty flakes!
(good news: my business law professor cancelled class because of it - I kind of just wish life would get cancelled on days like this so Taylor and I could just cuddle in a blanket by a fire with hot cocoa...who am I kidding - with a day off I'd just have more time to be productive (homework/sew/plan/blog/etc.) without interruptions. But my fantasy does sound nice!)

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