Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Day: aBree Original + Bain + pink ruffles

Though I love Valentine's Day - I have been slightly dreading this day in blogger land because I don't have many "Valentine's Day" inspired looks because... between my sister and me we own just a couple red/pink pieces so... I don't have much to work with. They are just not our colors..

So I'll post about what I wish I could wear this Valentine's day if an event permitted it. AND what I wore to school today - though Taylor and I aren't really celebrating today due to school and homework, we are having lunch with his family in the Skyroom at BYU so I thought I should dress up a bit. And why not wear the only pink-ish thing in my closet, right?

dress: aBree Original
earrings: J.Crew

Beautiful flowers from my fiance from the fashion show - Pretty Valentine's Day colors.
sequin shirt: J.Crew Factory (last year)
jacket/booties: J.Crew Sample Sale (2010)
jeans (similar)(last seen): Hudson
earrings (similar): Nordstrom
watch: MK
other jewelry: gifted

Happy LOVE day! -see how my day went here!

Oh, P.S. did I mention I am getting sick? My poor Valentine..

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